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Appel à contributions : First North Korean Review Conference on North Korean Studies, 1er juin 2015

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Call for Papers: First North Korean Review Conference on North Korean Studies


Venue: Yonsei University Samsung Library 7F International Conference Room

Dates: 14-15 October 2015

Organizers : North Korean Review and Yonsei Institute of North Korean Studies


Current research on North Korea tends to focus on the following topics, six party talks, human rights, economic development, regime stability, and refugee issue.  While these are all very important, it is also necessary to recognize that this represents a stagnation of the field of North Korean Studies.  Especially if no new methodological framework or research agenda comes to light from such efforts.  In order to reignite scholarly interest in North Korean Studies, the editorial board at the North Korean Review took it upon themselves to try to offer new ways to look at old problems.  From this effort the following panel ideas resulted.


Capitalism in North Korea

Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in businesses in North Korea.  How they function, the challenges they face, and how successful they are all points of interest.  In addition, the recent semi privatization of agriculture also has created interest in how this marketization has occurred and how it is progressing.


North Korea’s Friends

North Korea has normalized ties and diplomatic missions in a number of countries.  Recent articles in NKR have examined North Korea’s relationship with Mongolia and Sweden.  Therefore, this panel hopes to shed light on the often ignored side of North Korea, its diplomacy. 


North Korea as a Nuclear Power

With the enshrining of North Korea’s status as a nuclear power in their constitution, many do not see a solution to the North Korean nuclear issue.  North Korea does not want to give up nuclear weapons and the six party talks members do not seem to be willing to offer enough to make them change their minds. In light of this impasse, there should be a discussion of what accepting North Korea as a nuclear power would mean. 


Addressing the Challenges of North Korean Studies

North Korea is one of the most mysterious nation states on earth. The control of the flow of information out of the country by the state is unparalleled in earth’s history. This panel’s aim is to discuss some ways scholars might have of bridging the information gaps and bringing new methodological methods to reinvigorate the field.  


We are currently calling for paper proposals of no more than 250 words. Submissions and further inquiries may be directed to by June 1, 2015.


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